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Rehoboth Children Centre and Feeding Project

Nakuru Kenya

  "We can produce a harvest of good deeds for the Lord."
Romans 7:4b (NLT)

A message from Dr Joan Myers OBE who founded this project:

In 2002 whilst on the Mission field in Nakuru, Kenya the Lord gave me a vision for setting up and establishing a Children's Home in Kenya. Demonstrating God's love by our actions is often more effective than just preaching the Gospel. Jesus instructs us to "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven" - Matthew 5:16. As well as being a light that would guide people to Jesus we are to be salt in the earth. Jesus also confirmed when we care for others, "…in as much as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me" -Matthew 25:40.


The vision is to establish a home, for homeless children age 0-18; and to equip them for work and life through apprenticeship and links with local businesses. The aim of the Children's Home is to reach out healing hands to the homeless, helpless and hungry. The objective is to provide a home to hurting children and to offer them harmony, healing and hope. The establishment of the home would enable the holistic care of homeless children's spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs.

Phase one - To establish a home for up to 20 children initially under 18 years old. Through sponsorship each child would be able to attend school and have all their needs meet. A sponsor would give a monthly donation towards a specific child. This money will go directly to pay for their food, clothing, accommodation and schooling. The sponsor will be sent details of the child and community and will be able to send messages to the child who will be encouraged to keep in contact.

Phase two - Sponsorship to pay for employees in the children's home. This will include security guard, cook, cleaner, carers, teachers, social worker, psychologist etc who will be recruited from the local community.

Phase three - Develop links with local schools and businesses so each child would not only be able to go to school but have opportunity for employment once they complete school. Eventually the aim is to build a school for these children to attend.

Phase four - To have a health clinic on site to ensure health and wellbeing of each child. To ensure they have their immunisations and vaccinations as needed.