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To see what's on, please see this month's edition of Family Focus:

1st Tea, Toast & Tots

      Fellowship Groups

4th Prayer


6th Worship & Celebration


      Evening Gathering

10th Tea, Toast & Tots

Fellowship Groups

11th Prayer

12th Baptist Union Assembly

13th Worship & Celebration

      Evening Gathering

14th Friends & Heroes King’s Club

15th Tea, Toast & Tots

      Fellowship Groups

18th Prayer

20th Worship & Celebration

      Evening Gathering

21st Friends & Heroes King’s Club

22nd Tea, Toast & Tots

      Fellowship Groups

24th Ladies Group

27th Prayer

26th Men’s Breakfast

      Worship Morning

27th Worship & Celebration

Evening Gathering

29th Tea, Toast & Tots

?? If you're interested in attending any of King's Community Church services and/or scheduled events, please telephone or email the office and someone will get back to you as soon as possible with dates/times.?EVERYONE WELCOME???Telephone:? 01462 677250Email:?