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Who We Are

We Believe

We believe we are all called to WORSHIP GOD

Our desire is to worship God from our hearts in a biblical way.During our services our worship may include; singing, playing musical instruments, praying out loud,raising hands, clapping, silence, bowing our heads, kneeling, dancing, waving banners, moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and bringing our tithes and offerings to Him.

We believe it is important to LISTEN TO GOD 

We put a high priority on the public teaching and reading of scripture.We also recognize that we need to put the Word of God into practice in our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.When we hear and obey we grow in maturity.

We believe we are called to EVANGELISM

We believe that "Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and that no one comes to the Father except through Him". (John 14:6)We value this truth of Jesus, and so we long to share this and all the "good news" with those we meet.

We believe we are called to GLORIFY GOD

We are called to glorify god and extend his kingdom by promoting the beliefs and values of the family of ChristOur prayer is that all should come into a loving relationship with God through Jesus his son, grow in that relationship and then go and worship him as he calls them to.


He wants to show His love to you and be involved in every aspect of your life. As a church we would love to play a part in what God wants to do in and for/through you.

We are here for you