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As a church we have covenanted to give between 10% - 15% of our income away to support various mission projects.





Local mission

The Christian Initiative to Schools:This helps to support a full time worker who goes into the schools in our area taking lessons, assemblies and setting up Christian Unions so that young people can explore and develop their own walk of faith.

National mission

Crisis at Christmas which helps homeless people throughout the country for 8 days serving 28000 meals plus giving health checks, dental checks, optician checks, and helping people to find work and housing.

The Baptist Union:Who throughout the country support, train and assist Church congregations as they reach out. We especially focus on the ministry of The Home Mission Fund that helps to support various ministries in the United Kingdom and financially support the placement and contribute to the stipend of ministers to those churches who cannot fully support full time ministry.

Global Mission

Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) World Missions - BMS support overseas workers in a number of different roles, medical, professional, practical and spiritual, they reach into every area where help can be given and by this they can demonstrate the love of God not just by word but also by deed. We also support the BMS Birthday Scheme and Stamp appeal which raises extra funds over what we designate as a church.

Tearfund - an interdenominational relief group that reach into needs suffered by so many to bring help where ever it is needed.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) - fly into the most difficult and isolated places in the world bring aid and relief not only substance but also medical teams who bring their expertise to those for whom hospital or treatment centres may be too far away and for whom the journey could prove fatal.

Open Doors - is an international ministry serving churches worldwide, supplies bibles, leadership training and scripture based literacy, they endeavour to reach out to those who are persecuted for their faith in difficult circumstances.

These are but a few of the groups where we reach out to, however we continue our social ministries locally, which you will find highlighted elsewhere, such as being a centre where a special needs school and a local residential home celebrate with us  the Christian festivals.

We also have a correspondence and visitation ministry to a number of HM Prisons.